Looking for admin to help with setup

Hi, all I am currently trying to find someone that could help me set up a Dayz server I rented the Gtx Gaming If possible I would like to find someone with experience administering a server and setting one up. The only thing I can offer is my appreciation for the help I have no money to offer. So if anyone would be willing to even help me a little with getting started that would be great.



OpenDayZ Lord!
list what you want done and and someone might be able to help - best thing to do is give a shot your self first there are plenty of guides, if you get stuck or an error you cant fix post and im sure someone will help

overpoch server with following scripts
- single currency with global banking
- missions
- virtual garage
Hey FallingSheep Thanks for your Reply. I have tried to get single coin working on my own with tutorials and I just am unable to make it work. I seem to not fully understand the database part of running the server I think that's the biggest problem
Single coin currency with global banking
Virtual Garage
Snap Building
Vendors for Gems and Money
Extra Trade area for black market

As most would expect the little tougher to install stuff is what I seem to have the most problem with Dayz AI or Sarg Ai stuff

Thanks again also if anyone can recommend a provider that would be awsome I got rid of Gtx I didn't care for the support teams idea of customer service.