Looking for people with web design knowledge for web based RCON


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Hi there. I am looking for someone or a group of people to figure out some form of maybe flash based rcon.
AS we all know Dart and stuff is a pile of shite. It also requires giving out passwords to your staff. when one of those members of staff throws a tantrum or quits, it means changing the password again and again and again.

So here's what Im looking for.

Flash based program (even better if we can get it to work on android/ios at some point aswell (or if you think it would work better in another language feel free to chat with me)
Internal password/IP settings config file.

High Priority
Live Chat feed.
Ability to respond to chat

Low Priority (as I can already do these via PHP if I have to)
Reload Bans
Reload Scripts
Reload Events

I have already developed the ability to send commands and chat to rcon via php, but im not a master web designer. I really would like to get the live chat feed sorted as im currently using php to access the BEC chat logs, and thats not really ideal having to refresh the page to reload the text file.

Any Ideas? We can also discuss money if your not in this for the fun.

Feel free to PM me. I can share what I already have with the PHP, and you can share your ideas