Looking for RP? Dayz BushcraftRP! Over 160+ Members & counting!


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Dayz BushcraftRP Over 160 Members an counting!
Server 1
- [Bushcraft Bastion] Coming SOON! Sign ups now accepting!
Server 2 - [Bushcraft RP Official Whitelisted!]
100% RP - NO KOS
S2 -
Player Size 20
Map Chernarusplus
Microphone Required!
25K Start
Restarts every 4hrs
Player traders & A.i. Pelt Trader & Custom Air drops, Zombie Hordes
Boats, helicopters, custom vehicles
We fully support all mods and the creators, we are very thankful that we are able to use them!
Always looking for Factions
Server events every month
Mini events once a week or more
Custom Ruble Currency
Players from all over the world

The Place for Bushcraft Survival Roleplay!!
Check us out