Making ‘Taviana’ map for SA


Decided since Martin is a d***, that I’m going to try to develop the Taviana map from scratch, and redesign the map as close but different as I can. Probably a slightly different layout, and a lot of Chernarus buildings and such, I believe if I use those assets, and modify the terrain enough, I won’t be liable to any lawsuits. I think it’s ridiculous he’s been pulling in profit from a “non-profit” mod including his map, and the Origins mod and refuses to let anyone port it for the Origins stand-alone, so if anyone here has any ideas please let me know.

Worst case scenario, I hope to bring the same vibe to DZ SA as Taviana brought to the mod, and hopefully if this takes off for me, I plan to release it open source and possibly allow modifications done. (I wouldn’t want to flood the community with a bunch of different Tavianania maps though, so this could change..)

Lastly, I will more than likely name it something else. Due to the nature of modding, I doubt any action would be taken to any courts, but I’ll try my best to play it safe.

Thanks, anyone interested please let me know your ideas!
I completely support your efforts. Martin really is a d*** I have spoke with him before on using the map for a rivate whistelisted server for a few buddies and he completely rejected that. Really is a shame it is probably one of the best community maps I have ever played on and it is a real shame he is with holding rights to use it in anyway as it infringes on his profits. Which im still amazed he is actually making profit from origins.
So, Origins has what a few servers maybe still? I thought Martin was making a new game with Unreal engine 2 years back? I understand though in Martin's being a two legged phallic thing, he put a lot of time into that map and project. To coin a Canadian saying, "what's the point of having the K0ck and balls of a bull moose if you can't swing them around from time to time".
But now, is he still being a Richard Head? I got a name idea for you Trivina Archipelag Polish Garggler translation of Archipelago. Since it's all fictional and non-tangable in the US three islands is the story on the map.

I think you should try and get a hold of Crazy Mike because if Martin is going to be like the Canadian, Scott from SouthPark ("That's Scott he's a D***!").
Well, that's more hard to prove with copyright issues just take pictures of Mikes Steam map story and such. Bringing back the 'O' to DayZ and SA that would be AMAZING! However I was informed (not a good source, the internet), DayZSA has no character AI other than zombies YET. Also, the O mod and O map relied on vehicles captured (part of the fun), choppers or boats. The truck on DayZSA spawn in the ground and the little ones fly like the Mosey from Epoch mod.

Watching Crazy Mikes Youtube video of the 2014 map didn't Martin copy Stalker in a way?