Making AI bleed when shot


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How can I make the AI bleed when they get shot? I would probably have to edit the "fn_damageHandlerAI2.sqf" because that seems to be where the AI's health is, but I haven't a clue how dayz does bleeding.


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Okay, so I found out that these lines spawn the bleeding particle effect... I think.

if(!_isHit) then {
//Create Wound
_unit setVariable["hit_"+_wound,true,true];
PVDZ_hlt_Bleed = [_unit,_wound,_damage];
publicVariable "PVDZ_hlt_Bleed"; // draw blood stream on character, on all gameclients
[_unit,_wound,_hit] spawn fnc_usec_damageBleed; // draw blood stream on character, locally

Now I only need to figure out how I can reuse this code into the dzai damage handler.