Managing Multi-Server BanList

I believe you want to use the BEC heartbeat feature


In the [Heartbeat] block we add in paths to other Be ban files.
This is only in use If you are running multiple Arma2 dedicated servers on one Server but is optional to use.
Once you ban on example server 1, the ban will be automatically added to server 2, 3, 4 and so on. It depends on how many files you specify.
This function is only useful if you are running multiple servers on one machine.
If you are running a singleArma2 Dedicated server, do not use this, and just delete/remove the [Heartbeat] block.

Do not confuse this with merge. it will not merge the files only add in new bans to the defined files

One name for each file.

BanFile0 = C:\SERVER2_CONTROL\BattlEye\bans.txt
BanFile1 = C:\SERVER3_CONTROL\BattlEye\bans.txt