Mango DAYZ - Faster-paced gameplay

Welcome to Mango DAYZ!

Mango DAYZ is a brand-new friendly community with a modded DayZ server located in Germany.

New players will receive a starterkit with tools and materials to build a base, with a crate to store it in. All new players joining this week will also receive 1000 rubles.
Leave a message in #requests on our Discord or call for an admin in-game once you've found a location for your base!

The focus is on fast gameplay and PvP, similar to the DayZ Epoch mod. This is achieved by increased loot - and cars that can be purchased at low prices, or save up for an expensive alternative!

The list of features include:
  • Party Me - Press P to open up the Group menu!
  • No Sprinting Zombies - But their numbers have increased to compensate, so watch out!
  • More Cars - Save up for a fancy workhorse in this post-apocalyptic world, or cheap out for a Kubelwagen!
  • More Weapons - Find a weapon to match your style!
  • Trader Cities - One man's trash is another man's treasure! Find them at Klen, Kumyrna and Green Mountain.
  • Unlimited Stamina - Enjoy this running simulator without having to stop!
  • FlipVehicle - Use a wrench to put a vehicle back on its wheels!
  • Airdrops - High-risk missions harbour great riches to those able to neutralize the threat around them. The only way to get breachingcharges!
... and more, including an abundance of mods!

Find our server on DZSA Launcher and start your adventure on Mango DAYZ today! Don't forget to join our Discord to read the rules - or catch up on them in-game using the server information panel (Pause/Break key, or ESC > Server Information)

Server IP: