[Mission] 404Wasteland (Custom) GoT-Edition


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I love thinkering with mission files, so upon purchasing arma3, i just had to get my fingers dirty.

After playing the Showcases and some MP rounds I've started working on editting all sorts of Arma3 missionfiles.
But after some testing with coop-missions, DM missions asswell as the dzs+wasteland mission that was posted here, i've had cut my losses to what i liked the most.
Which is a stripped down version of 404Wasteland v1.06, of which after my changes, 'v1.07(GoT)' was born :)

**Edit removed changelogs and links since i started over from scratch (see my reply below this post)**

Or join our server (Arma3 DEV-Build) at:
[DEV] GoT Wasteland Sandbox v1.07 (Evening - VETERAN) CBA STHUD FA_STANCE - By JoSchaap

- Evening (19:15 mission starting time)
- Veteran
- 3rd person OFF
- deathmessages on

Allowed mods:
- CBA_A3


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started from scratch with a 'Stripped-2-the-Bone' effort
(Most missionfiles weigh over 2MB while not even half of that is currently in use due to the restricted content in Arma3)

So far i got my PBO arround 980KB and that includes my own changes and loadscreen! :)

Ive continued on with [Stripped] (GoT/JoSchaap) behind the version number to attend players to the fact that it is not an official version.


[Fixed] Fixed the Sound Counter error on first spawn.
[Fixed] Re-Added the LightArmed-Vehicle mission.
[Fixed] Fixed the description issue for the LightArmed-Vehicle mission.
[Removed] Food and Drink from player starting loadout (not needed).
[Removed] Empty Fuel can from player starting loadout (not needed).
[Removed] Scaffolding and other useless objectspawns to improve ability to build bases.
[Changed] Starting money to 200.
[Changed] Stringtables and content of existing code.
[Changed] Reduced mission filesize to enhance joining speed.
[Changed] Added our own strings and some other changes.

[Added] New Convoy Mainmission (by Sanjo).
[Fixed] Fixed misc font errors.
[Fixed] one of the weap boxes could not be moved.
[Removed] Food and Drink icons.
[Removed] Survival system.
[Removed] All spawning objects (Noone was building bases).
[Changed] Reduced mission file size drasticly (2,4MB > 980KB).

Git found here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V108_Stripped_edition


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- [Added] MiniConcoy Sidemission (2ATV's guarding an offroad)
- [Fixed] icon error on vehicle content window
- [Fixed] Icon error on mis admin panels *proving grounds*
- [Fixed] Mission issues due to renamed IFrit vehicle
- [Fixed] Ifrits not spawning (classname changed)

- [Added] MiniConcoy Sidemission (2ATV's guarding an offroad)
- [Fixed] icon error on vehicle content window
- [Fixed] Icon error on mis admin panels *proving grounds*
- [Fixed] Mission issues due to renamed IFrit vehicle
- [Fixed] Ifrits not spawning (classname changed)
Any way we could get a non dev build pbo?


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converting to non dev is quite easy

its just the classname that changed from galkin to ifrit :)
i asume that mondays update to the stable branch will also incorporate that, thus making the missions cross compatible again.

grab the git, use agent ransack and search for _ifrit and change it back to _Galkin to fix the classnames for stable :)


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here you go: 1.08c with todays fixes for stable branch on steam: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V108_Stripped_edition/tree/temp_A3StableBranch_Build

v1.08c with todays fixes for DEV-branch on steam is here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V108_Stripped_edition

differences with the DEV branch can be seen here: https://github.com/JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V108_Stripped_edition/compare/temp_A3StableBranch_Build

Todays fixes:
- rewardcrates from Convoy and MiniConvoy where empty
- missing background image error on vehicle content
- Convoy and MiniConvoy no longer follow eachother when running on the same moment
- created a seperate branch for stable build on steam


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the seperate build is no longer required the stable now also has the classname changed!

ive started work on the full monty now, trying to get the survival system to work again etc :)
Changed all galkin to ifrit manually. Nice work again JoSchapp. Had a idea for a mission, why not spawn some passenger boats around the island and put a side objective on Pythos? Only thing is the AI would probably kill you before you ever made it to shore :p Maybe just one AI? "Stranded Sailor Mission" ?


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I will look into other mission idea's (got some of my own asswell)

But atm the new (complete) edition has all my attention ;) (see the other thread in this subforum)