Modding Epidemic HFB server


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Hi all;
Sorry for my poor english, i'm french speaker...
I browsed the forum and didnt found what i needed.

So we just rent a epidemic server on HFB and wanting to add new building, etc.
I did all stuff in different files with arma 2 map's editor.
I made the right mission.pbo files for them to add it on the server.
But i dont have any clue where i have to add this mission.pbo exactly to get it on the server...
I'm quiet lost with all the files in the ftp area.
We use epidemic private server.
I wondered if i need to use the MPmission : dayz_1.mbg_celle2.pbo file and edit it with my mission.pbo?
I'm not sure if it's that way. Please tell me like a children ( not too young anyway ^^ )
Between i wanting to add some AI to defends a new small bases somewhere in the no man's land, adding debug monitor and wondering if this is the same file to edit with them?
Thx in advance.


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dayz_1.mbg_celle2.pbo is the baby you require. you can edit the AI by foing into that pbo and going to addons > sarge its one of the files in there

Darrell Foster

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What PBO extractor / packer / editor i can use with Epidemic Files. I Run a Private server with HFBservers as my Server provider. Map and game run fine but i want to make changes to the Variables and Compiles to my liking. When i try to unpack the Dayz_code or Dayz_Epidemic pbo it says "Not an Arma PBO" file. I have tried 3 other pbo programs they all have issues with these pbo's. Please let me know what PBO program to use. I cannot and have not found anything pertaining to Epidemic. I have made changes to my personal liking to all other maps i have tried without problems. Why i cannot extract these are a mystery to me. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.


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i use pbo manager. also give it a few mins to finish downloading as thats what usually causes the grief. also dayz_epidemic.pbo is the wrong file for editing the map look at post #2 for the correct 1. it is allways located in mpmissions folder


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I use pboview and working perfectly with HFBs.

If you use "Ultimate package"
Your server.pbo file is in : realityepidemic/addons/server.pbo
your mission.pbo is in : MPMissions/dayz_1.mbg_celle2.pbo

If you use " Ultimate pakage 2.0" it may be the same way to reach your files about server and mission .pbo. But some other files like your battleyes files is located differently as in ultimate package <>ultimate package 2.0