More Zombies

Hey Guys,

is it possible to modify the amount of zombies?
Some patches ago (1.7.X or something) I found a line somewhere in the dayz script, but to change the value changed nothing.

Thank you :)


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Oh, you wanted help with the file name, that is a different question.

Look for spawn Zombie something or another under dayz_code. What version of the mod are you using?


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The 1.8.2 version of the file you need to look into is in the 'dayz_code.pbo' and is 'compiles/zombie_generate.sqf'.

All the variables you need to adjust are listed in it. You should be able to have a custom 'variables.sqf' and set them to what you want. Or just set them far enough down in your 'init.sqf' to do the trick.