Need help: Access your gear and use items while in vehicle


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I know this is possible because i've seen it on a server or two. While in a vehicle you can access your gear and drink/eat/bandage, and such things as that. which is more realistic and makes more sense than just not being able to.

I can't seem to find that mod/hack on here. Looked for about 30 min now but doesn't seem to be listed, or i'm just not looking in the right place, or searching the right queries.

Does anyone know how this is achieved?



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Just to access gear while in a vehicle?

1) Map -> units -> gear
2) Passenger seat -> 'g'


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i dont think the maps have the menu anymore, and g doesnt let you use the items.

I know there is a way to do this because i've seen servers that have it.


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This ability was part of older builds of DayZ, and has since been removed. Some mods based on old DayZ codebase possibly still have this active, like 2.0, which is based on DayZ

I don't know of a way to 'add' this back in the the current releases.


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I know of a current server running the latest version of dayz chenarus that has this ability, so i know there is a way.
If i was a coder i'd look through the code and remove the in vehicle check or whatever, ha.

oh well thanks anyways