Need help with pbo file

hi guys , I would like to know if it´s possible when people are loging in my server insted of they download all files of my "mpmission" folder they download only a ".pbo" file I tried this bellow but it didn´t work

class Mission1
template = "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo";


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What would this achieve?

Size of my mission file :

5,262,410 bytes ( 5.01MB )

Size of my mission file after turning it into a PBO :

5,280,044 bytes ( 5.03MB )

So smaller size is out of the question. Is it so people can't snoop through your files? If anyone knows what they are looking at in your un-pbo'd files, they would also know how to use a PBO manager so anti-theft is also out of the question.
You keep the name of the mission the same in your config file. If you want them to download a PDF then pack your mission into a PPO in that will be downloaded and the folder will be ignored. The file size is the same I think it's unpacked before it is sent to the playersyou
The benefits of having a PPO for the players to download is that you can edit the folder mission while the game is running and then repack the PBO for the next start