NEON ZOMBiE Private Hive: Persistence Enabled, 8 hour restarts, 1PP hardcore, x4 time acceleration, hosted by fragnet in the U.S. This server is new post .61 created with intention of capturing the truest essence of DayZ. Survival.

It is our belief that the first person experience is a more compelling and personal way to play DayZ.

You can't know what's around the next corner on the airfield, or who is behind the stone wall in the next clearing near that helicopter crash you saw from the distance without taking a risk and exposing yourself.

It's night. You're moving through the forest behind your friend on your way towards the Tisy military base. Your friend is in the lead because he has the magnum with three rounds in the chamber he found in that abandoned drive through town earlier and you are armed only with an old rusty hunting knife. You thought you heard a howl in the distance a few minutes back, but with the sound of the wind blowing steadily in the treetops, you aren't sure. You start feeling like maybe you'll just make it out of this forest alive when you see your friends head snap to the left just in time to see the wolf leap at him from the darkness.

NEON ZOMBiE is an open Private Hive non-restrictive server, and encourage interaction between players. We encourage all forms of playstyle whether it be lone wolfing, or forming a gang and claiming territory, and everything in-between.

Join us.