Hey guys!

Viruz, Owner of Cold Logic, presenting you our completely new and freshly set up ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Server!
We are currently looking for all sorts of players to get our server populated!

Addons, that we currently run, are:

  • Single Currency - Coin System
  • Customized Tradezones with ADVANCED TRADING!
  • WAI Missions / Custom Loot
  • Roaming AI / including Gound/Air.
  • Spawn Selection
  • Craft Bike\Mozzie\Pook and a few other things with Right Click Toolbox
  • Group System via Radio
  • Plot Management
  • Kill Messages with weapon and distance info -- Soon --
  • Snap PRO and Vector Building
  • Smart Tow/Lift System
  • Customized Map - Military Areas!
  • Earplugs
  • T34/T55 Tanks and some other cool stuff!
  • Black Market Traders in every City!
  • 5 Cities total around the map with 2 aircraft traders!
  • and much more!

You can find us in DayZ Launcher by simply typing "Coldlogic" into the search bar or use our IP to join directly: !

Visit our website and check out our forum for rules!