New DayZ Map: Podagorsk - in progress - 2 Testservers online

Hello guys,

just wanted to share a few information with you:

A new DayZ map is in progress:

- DayZ Podagorsk

Tutorial how to join the servers (by oppa): HERE or HERE
Interview/Preview with the dev: HERE

2 test servers are allready online: : 2342 - ( : 2122

Check it out! In my opinion a really nice map! It just needs more testplayers and more servers to get it on DayZ Commander, from what I heard. I am only supporting the developer and trying to make that map a bit popular. Give it a try!


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Hope you have added LOTS of buildings to the north of the map! I converted it to dayz but found the whole north part of the map ( which is about 70% of the whole map) was useless as there are no buildings and dint really want to try and put them in myself.


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I have played for a bit and weapon spawns seem a bit high. I ran across about 8 winchesters in my first 15 min. Saw a ton of Mak SDs too.

Oh yeah an I love the character models and new vault animation
This map is beautiful. The north needs a few more cities and the weapon spawn rates need toned down a bit. Would make a great Wasteland map :)


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The map itself is really nice and pleasing to the eye, Weapons are too easy to get hold of though, found 2 crash sites in 20 minutes with some really good weapons.

What i really don't like though is the weather changing every 10 minutes, I'm warn then cold then warm
It could also do with a few more towns or cities, I spent ages running and rarely seen anything apart from the odd barn


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Any progress here or is this project dead? I enjoyed what I played of the map. If it isn't still being developed put it up on git so someone else can take over.
Very unfortunate, wanted to host this map. It was awesome and I know umi worked hard on it, but he suddenly disappeared :(