New idea for repair center for vehicles

taking as an example, this script posted:

My idea is that the script works only in: Land_repair_center
And maybe: Land_Ind_Garage01
and that only happens if repair parts are in gear the vehicle. example: if you have only one engine in gear the vehicle, the script would repair the engine only.
would also like to remove the option to refill the fuel tank.

anyone have any idea how to make this script?


Note: I do not know script:(


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if you need to have the parts... you wont need this repairstation to repair the vehicle...

doesnt make serious sense ^^
I would agree on a repair Station/Person that will repair for currency from the epoch model..

So if you have the car, the cash but no parts or toolbox you can get your vehicle repaired at a "Service Center"

Something I am actually looking to add to the custom pack for Epoch Chernarus I am throwing together.
in the time you need to travel to this station you could have repaired the vehicle twice i guess ^^
well, then I will change the idea of the script, the script would fix now only parts that had the damage up to 0.5 in parts, it is very good. so if the player does not have the piece is more close to the Repair Center can repair it.