NEW OVERPOCH SERVER -- Full costumized -- Totaly Unique !!! HC

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Hey everyone

I am General Gizmo Mc BuckleNuckles and we have launched a new Dayz OA Overpoch Sever !!

The Gremlins Paradise will bring you a brand new way to look at Dayz. We scripted the game way different from what the originally experience would deliver you.

Most servers perspective is only PvP. What troubled us about it is that when a apocalypse happens its not just all about wanna be call of duty stile.. its about surviving.

we strongly believe when something as this happens, the military will break apart and start attacking the survivors. From foot mobiles till Helicopters, vehicles but also with artillery attacks.

There is just 1 imported thing what makes us different that all the other servers.

we want it to get as real as it gets
Not only PvP bullshit but also the Real PvE survival experience.

below here you can see al the server features we have at this right moment


* PvP / PvE Areas
* Single Currency Coin System
* ATM ( Banks ) around the map
* Special Debug Monitor for coin system
* Walking Zombies
* Plotpool Management
* Plotpool Build Distance 250m Long 120M high
* Dynamic Weather
* Indestructible Bases
* just 1 Static Building Count
* Good Starters Gear
* No Weight / Overburn
* Save Zones
* Snap Pro Adv Building System
* Self Suicide
* Self
Blood Bag
* Tow And Lift
* Evac Helicopter
* Custom Events
* Race Track
* NW Airfield AI Base -- Under Construction --
* Custom Wicket AI Mission System
* Custom Epoch Mission System

* Roaming AI -- Foot -- Heli -- Vehicle -- Bikes
* AI attack AI
* Action Menu
* 3 Hours Schedule Restarts
* High Price Blue Fin Tuna

* Separate Fish Trader -- Under construction --
* Custom Traders / More Traders --Under Construction --
* Custom Black Market -- Under Construction --
* Stranded Aircraft Carrier + Extra carriers in the sea
* Refuel - Rearm - Repair
* Extra Gas Stations
* Multiple Sea Platforms
* Custom Balota , NW , NE Airfield
* Paint Vehicles
* Group Manager
* NOS on all cars ( boost to 350 kmp/u )
* Trade From Vehicle Storage

* Trade From Backpack Inventory
* Vehicle Animations
* Better and Fast spawning loot
* Player Hud
* Switch Model


* More Traders / Stuff will me more seperate
* Random Artillery Attack with
* Atomic Bomb with radiation zone and special loot
* Improved Action Menu
* indestructible Locked Vehicles
* Extra Trader for all vehicles ( Tanks - Jets - No restrictions )
* Pick Clothes of a dead body ( Incl AI )
* Auto Car Control for Animated Pickup
* Sand Storms
* More Custom PvP / PvE Areas
* Dayz and Night cycle ?


You can connect to our server by using the following Ip and Port

Parameter string is needed





And we wish everyone a wonderful but most of all a realistic way of experiencing dayz

Join us and Feel how real it can get !!

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General Gizmo

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whahahaa lol nice.. i like the way you make your reactions Shoot XD there funny.

yess my main language aint english ;) i am from amsterdam - The netherlands

but thanks for your input hehe..


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i realized that you you come from the home of the "dutch rudder" and there were translation issues. thank you for not being offended lol.

and what is a dutch rudder you ask?
lester explains the dutch rudder:

General Gizmo

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OHHH SHIT DUUUUUDEEE XD ... that was hilarious lol.. Nah i wound be offended at al buddy.. I am all zen.. hate anger and will not allow that hehe.. ^^

But got to be honest.. but that video was a damn nice one XD

The Dutch Rudder whaha. how do you come up with it.. never saw that movie before.. looks like a stoner movie or some..

Our Aero KLM has "Proud to be Dutch" on a lot of its planes. Kinda stevie wonder is they still think the same after seeing this video XD

as they ofcause 100s of times a day move the rudder lol