[WIP] New PC DayZ Server looking for population [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1

Mr. Green

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Big Game Z Hunter PVE server

  • Server Name = [USA/PVE] Big Game Z Hunter #1

  • Servers are PVE, PC only.

  • Heavily Modded server

  • Map is, Deerisle with loads of private builds baked into the map

  • It is also a very dangerous map and trying map.

  • Zombies/Monsters/Creatures are turn up to give you the Butt-hole Puckering effect we feel is missing from DayZ.

  • Server Mod's

  • Starting cash 50,000, Banking 1,900,000,000 account max, Clan Accounts.

  • Mythical and rare Animals, all sorts of zombies and all types of wild life, birds to lions/tigers/bears..

  • Hunting

  • Fishing (gebsfish)

  • 100's of collectibles

  • SNAFU Weapons

  • Rev Guns

  • Meru Weapons

  • Munghard's Item pack

  • Cannabis Plus

  • Drugs PLUS

  • More Drugs With Effects

  • A.M.S.

  • Sky Fall

  • Nightwolf Helicopters

  • Expansion Helicopters

  • Expansion Boats

  • Expansion Vehicles

  • CZ Vehicles

  • BTR's and Tracked Vehicles