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WarriorZ is bringing you a whole new Banov experience like no other! Over 5000 hours and huge amounts of cash have gone into the production of this server to bring you what we believe is going to be the best Banov experience out there. We have worked tirelessly adding a huge amount of custom areas and additions as well as lots of custom clothing/guns/items.

Our focus is PVP so we have ensured that armour/guns are well balanced to ensure fair PVP. We have also focused on creating PVP all around the map with events that global ping and alert all players with ATM robberies around the map as well as our custom bank robbery mission at Overgrown military.

We have completely modernised the DayZ experience with a whole new market system which will allow you to easily navigate and customise weapons/clothing to your liking and have it saved as a pre-set.

We have over 60 vehicles available as well as helicopters with gunner seats.
Our server has well balanced loot with a huge selection of guns available.


Server Information:
• Name: WarriorZ Banov 1PP
• Location: US
• Max players currently: 80
• IP:
• Restarts: 3am/6am/9am/12pm/3pm/6pm/9pm/12am
• Playstyle: PVP
• 1PP
• Discord:
• Raid alarms
• Huge amount of customs
• Spawn select
• Keycard Bunkers
• ATM Robberies
• Custom Bank Robbery mission
• Custom Anzio 20mm
• 60+ Vehicles
• Mystery Box
• Custom Scripts
• + Lots more
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