NO CD ! NEW Infectious Server POLSKA - MOD: Dayz Epidemic ! NO CD !

NO CD Infectious Server Europe PL\ENG !

Mod: DayZ Epidemic


TS3: <--- Registration on white list!

Active Admins!
All time day!
NO LAGS ! = Dedicated Server !
250 Vehicles!
Heli crashes have to be destroy first!
New helicopters and cars!
Weapon Modifications (sights, silencers and more..)
New Clothings!
Attacks on Cities!

BEST DAYZ MOD EVER! You must to check it!

See you on teamspeak!
hello, please added me and my friend on your whitelist, my ingame name is "jessy" and my friend is "ShotgunFR". I can't connect on your teamspeak because "connection failed" :/ thank