Nuts and Sticks | DayZ Epidemic US 592 |Veteran|3RD:On/CH:On/WP:On

We would like to invite you to our new dayz Epidemic server. This is not the first time we have ran a dayz server. We call our self's Nuts And Sticks, We have many things on our server, some will be listed below.​
Our admins are friendly and experienced. Now here are some of the cool things we have on our server.​
370 + Vehicles​
10 + Helis​
Custom Anti-Hax​
Custom Starting gear - Adding soon​
Base Building - Adding Soon.​
NPC Missions - Adding soon.​
Clear Weather.​
100+ More Vehicles added.​
Auto Refueling.​
Vehicle Towing.​
Chopper Lifting.​
AI Added.​
PvP Allowed!​
We have some rules we wish our players to follow, and they are as followed​
No Hacking or cheating of any kind.​
Respect Other Players.​
Respect Admins.​
No Teamspeak or side chat spamming allowed.​
Do Not Combat log.​
No Sexism/Racism or Homophobic Remarks allowed.​
Our Server info​
Server Ip:
Our Teamspeak:

Edit: Forgot to add, The server is hosted in the US and its a private server. Not linked to any other server.
Server Update, New Stuff added.

Clear Weather.
100+ More Vehicles added.
Auto Refueling.
Vehicle Towing.
Chopper Lifting.
AI Added.