Opened Server recnetly but, Dayz commander problem(Server not showing)


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I was running dayz overpoch server. After I failed to register on dayz commander. I usually used dayz launcher instead. however I noticed that steamqueryport would be work with dayz commander .
So, I connected to dayz commander and add farvorite IP with steamqueryport. It worked perfectly!
After Adding Favorite IP with steamqueryport, My Dayz commander can search my server.
However, My Server users still can not join with dayz commander searching. Only they can join my server with adding favorite server IP.
I wish my server would be register without adding favorite IP. I mean, just join the server with searching.

Sorry for my bad english...Please anyone give me some advice.

My server Steam port and IP
Server name : Korea Overpoch server on SSD||Asia|kr|
IP :
port : 2302
steamport = 2301;
steamqueryport = 2303;