Origins server

Hello everybody, so this thread: has been going on for quite some while, no one ever got further than 1.7.1 server.

Then in the last page a person noticed the WARSnipers server, which were cracked and running 1.7.8, i also noticed this server, downloaded the 1.7.8 files, but i still couldn't get in, with the little Russian knowledge i had i managed to get into their server which was actually running but with few files from the 1.7.1, get their mission file and finally create my own server..

Altho seems that the im server im running isnt much more than 1.7.1 with the items, buildings, vehicles and maps.. When i first started the server, nothing worked correctly, the cars didnt spawn like at all, the reason behind that was simple - kingcunt changed almost all of the vehicle classnames. Then i finally got to building, which also didnt work, whenever i changed the building classnames in the building thing, it somewhat works now, dont know how well, havent got to test it much because im playing with a friend and i cant restart the server every ~5 mins. But this file is nothing more than the file used for 1.7.1 so theres nothing about the nested house nor the stronghold nor nothing in it..

I would be willing to share all these files to make this happen for us, but then again, if i share these files and the smartest person decides not to release his fixes for the rest of us, i wouldnt want that to happen..

I am willing to start this as a community project though, since im not a hardcore dev, i do not understand the language its written in, if it even is one.. etc
Yeah well this went south really fast, they completely rewrote the building etc, and without those files its like rewriting like 50% of the mod..