Outcast Roleplay | UK | PVE & PVP


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Outcast RP | UK | PVE & PVP (PC)

UK Based and Hosted

Outcast RP is the newest Roleplay server! Offering you the best experience when it comes to DayZ Roleplaying. With custom areas, custom loot, ability to use Discord instead of ingame voice chat and so much more!

Chernarus PVE and PVP
4 Hour Auto Restarts with loot respawns
Modified Loot and Military Areas
Custom Military, Roleplay and medical items
Custom Virus and Toxic Zone System
Custom Military and Civilian Areas
Safezones, Traders and Black Market Traders
KOS Areas and RP Areas
Added 4x4 Vehicles
Spawn Selection
Over 2000 Pieces of Equipment
Hundreds of Weapons & Accessories
Universal Weapon Accessories
Base Building Plus
Tons of Extra Building Items

Perfect raid systems

and so much more!

Join our discord for more information!