Paradise in Hell | DeerIsle | PvE | Many mods


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Hello there,

I want to invite you to very fresh server.

We got 52 mods, nice setting. Map Deer Isle.

Server is PvE but we got custom zombies with which you would have to carry more about preparing and you will use more "crouching style".

If you want to get many different loot and you want to build base with great furnitures and fortifications (you will have 50m sphere limit) then you are more welcome to join.

I made this server with intention for great experience without having to kill each other.
It's not so easy to survive, but that's just DayZ... isn't it?

Vanilla + Expansion cars spawn normally at map.
Tho to get RusForma cars and helicopters you will have to earn some money and buy them from a custom trader camp.
You can earn money by farming weed, collecting special loot from map (collectables) which later you can sell or find your own and best for you way.

Server is hosted at GTX, UK location.

For more infos I want to invite you to my discord server:

Paradise in Hell | Discord Server

Here you got link to the dayzsa site to take a look at mods we got:
Don't afraid and join us! We are friendly...


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We are after 1st wipe. Next in 4-6 months, depends on players needs. We made few changes too, join our discord to get actual news.