PBO unpack repack problem NOT Arma File?

Darrell Foster

New Member
What PBO extractor / packer / editor i can use with Epidemic Files. I Run a Private server with HFBservers as my Server provider. Map and game run fine but i want to make changes to the Variables and Compiles to my liking. When i try to unpack the Dayz_code or Dayz_Epidemic pbo it says "Not an Arma PBO" file. I have tried 3 other pbo programs they all have issues with these pbo's. Please let me know what PBO program to use. I cannot and have not found anything pertaining to Epidemic. I have made changes to my personal liking to all other maps i have tried without problems. Why i cannot extract these are a mystery to me. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help.


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PBO View is very out of date right now and cannot handle 'OA' style pbos.

CPBO and PBO Manager should be able to handle any current files, but I have seen some issues where PBO Manager started repacking server.pbo incorrectly and needed to be reinstalled.