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Rizen [Fresh Wipe 9/9/2022] Custom Arsenal| PVP| 10 max| Player Bounties| Warzone| Safe Haven| Custom PVP Map Edits| Airdrops|

Discord: https://discord.gg/v2fpVyYEZy

R I Z E N |War Zone PVP Trader| Custom Coin and Gold Bar Currency| Custom Creatures| Challenging Gauntlets “The Labs”| Safe Haven Settlement| Sleeping Bag Base Spawn| Air Drops| KOTH| Keycards| Mystery Box| Cannabis and Cocaine| Breach Charge Door Raid Only| Custom Map Locations both Military and Non-Military| Custom Armor and Weapons| Tactical Flava and SNAFU| Armored Vehicles and Sports Cars| 1PP w/ Vehicle 3PP| Wide Selection of Helicopters| BBP Building Mod T1/2/3| Starting Money|

Our server breathes life into both PVP and PVE. Face off other players in bounties and open world PVP collecting dog tags and grinding coin. Trade your tags and coins in to the warzone exchange for gold bars. Transport your gold bars to the warzone vendor for our top tier guns and armor. For new players and solo, find your place in the "Safe Haven Settlement." A home specially designed for players like you to learn and grow in DayZ. While exploring enjoy our many new customized areas on the map and get your hands on uniquely customized selection of weapons and armor. More of a pve'r, great!, we have custom gauntlet styled LABS were you will face the servers fiercest AI. Fight your way through to unlock crate rooms packed with prizes.

What are you waiting for! Join today and explore Chernarus like you've never seen it before!