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Useful information for your character:

• Spawn every time, fully dressed, in randomized and reasonable outfits - with useful gear, and a realistic but random variety of basic weapons and ammunition.
• Spawn every time in the outskirts around Stary Sobor, in the middle of Chernarus.
• With the absence of humans, nature has started to take back over.
• Abundance of vehicles.
• Simplified ammunition and weapon availability.
• Emphasis on lower-end, but more reliable and versatile weapons, gear, clothes, and tools.

Useful information for you as a player:

• Absolutely no mods at all.
• Highly reconfigured server files to make the world a dynamic and ever-changing environment.
• Quicker spawning countdown timer.
• Many new features and events added to the map.
• Max Players: 30
• IP:
• No restarts. Server continually runs.
• All playstyles.
• Publicly available for events. No permission needed.
• Website: https://www.guilded.gg/online-gamer-collective