PC - US East - ChernarusPlus - ApocalypseZ Aftermath - Jungle - Raptors - AI - Survival - 25K Start


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Welcome to ApocalypseZ Aftermath

Looking for a thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure? Look no further! Our server is seeking dedicated and enthusiastic Staff and Admin to join our community.


Fully Working Tanks and Turret Vehicles: Experience intense battles with powerful war machines.

50+ Weapons: Choose from a diverse arsenal to dominate the wasteland.

50+ Camo Sets: Personalize your look with a variety of camouflage options.

50+ Vehicles: Traverse the desolate landscape in style with an extensive vehicle selection.

Custom Events: Engage in unique and exciting events designed for maximum enjoyment.

AI Groups: Encounter challenging AI factions as you navigate through the chaos.

Base Building: Establish your stronghold with one base per group, accommodating up to 10 members.

Weekend Raids: Unleash mayhem during special weekend raid events.

Active Admin: Enjoy a responsive and supportive administrative team.

Community Friendly: Connect with like-minded survivors in a welcoming community.

Map: ChernarusPlus

Server Name: ApocalypseZ Aftermath - Jungle - Raptors - AI - Survival - 25K


Port: 2302

Discord - https://discord.gg/FxTBRus6J8