PC - [US]Slaughterhouse - HARDCORE PvE w/ PvP Zones | Drugs | Helis | BBP


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Welcome to the '[US]Slaughterhouse - HARDCORE PvE w/ PvP Zones | Drugs | Helis | BBP' DayZ Server

IP Address:

Server Type: Hardcore PvE w/ PvP Zones

Region: NA

Map: ChenarusPlus

Platform: PC

Discord: https://discord.io/DayzSlaughterhouse

Looking for a more hardcore server but want your experience to mainly be PvE?

Welcome to Slaughterhouse ([US]Slaughterhouse - HARDCORE PvE w/ PvP Zones | Drugs | Helis | BBP), where we strive to bring such an experience! We opened our servers not too long ago so it is still somewhat a WIP but we would love it if you would join us and become part of this important stage for all of us! Server is based in Central US and we welcome players from all backgrounds!

-> Hardcore Experience

-> PvE with Dedicated PvP Zones

-> Mainly Built Upon DayZ Expansion Mod

-> 1,000 Starting Currency

-> More Items (Food, Drinks, Cars, Helis, Weapons, Armor, Clothes, etc...)

-> Start Your Own Drug Empire with Our Drug Mods!

Join now and start your story!!!