PS4 ”Southmade.SS” I High Loot I Full & fixed cars I PVP/PVE I Base Building


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Hello fellow survivors you’re all welcome to join my new community server for Dayz on the PS4. If you like to have the survival instinct but with little more loot and a lot of base building, cars in most villages, just so you don’t feel like your into a empty vehicles world. you should check this out ;)

- Server name “SouthMade.SS”

- Slots 20 (for now can be changed)

-Most found weapons M4A1, AKM, VSS and SVD (weapons spawn in with ammo & attatchments)

- Server has increased loot (Some Weapons, clothes tools and more...)

- Server have decreased little food (just to make you on the hunt more) (JUNK loot is no longer in server <Glowsticks, Books & more>)

- Tents are still buggy in game so I recommend build a base and put wooden crates etc...

- The cars are full with FOOD and survival equipments, the trucks are full with BASE building materials (metal, planks, logs are unlimited in trucks)

-Have increased little bit of zombies to the server.

-Server supports 3P, crosshair, mouse & keyboard.

Important / useful loot not in server or want an increase for some specific items ?
Feedback is appreciated so i can improve the server at its best for both of us. You can message me on Nitrado “Willepille”, or you can also try to get contact with me in the server or PSN