PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival)


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PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP) (HardCore Survival)​

Uk Chenarus Server

Gas drops on player spawn points to stop camping
Boosted Claymore/M79/Plastic explosives
PS4/PS5 Zone 2 (42 Slots UK PVP)
Biggest squad 3-4 players at the moment squad and lone wolves welcome
Zombies at heli crashes & Contamined Zones only
No Food Spawns (except in clothes)
Bears, Wolves & Deer Spawn on Coast
Heli Crashes on Coast with new guns and explosives boosted
Infinite stamina
Boosted Meds and NBC SET
Cars and Trucks Spawn Working with Loot
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