Pure Gaming UK | PvP | More Loot | Vanilla+

We decided to open a Vanilla PvP server.
We offer boosted loot over the whole map with additional airdrops and helicopter crashes.
There is no trader, you will have to focus on surviving among zombies and other enemies.
You will find additional civilian and military looking clothing on the map.
Be aware of contaminated areas.
Base building rules are simple:
Make sure you have a flagpole to stop your stuff from despawning.
Don't build within:
-military bases (800m),
-military checkpoints (300m),
-police stations (100m),
-hospitals (100m),
-shops (100m),
-supermarkets (100m).
Don't block off water pumps.

PvP and raiding on the whole map.
Main rule:
Don’t cheat, loot cycle, glitch or dupe.
What for? Just play the game for a fun and good adventure.
Breaking rules will get you banned.
Last important info,
No admins in the game. Any issue will be resolved through tickets on discord.
No Traders/ATMs/Banking.

Our Mods:
Dabs Framework
Code Lock
Advanced Weapon Scopes
Build Everywhere
Windstrides Clothing Pack
Modular Vest System - Reworked
Uncuepas Civilian Clothing
Server Information Panel
Tombstone Advanced Group

Name: Pure Gaming UK | PvP | More Loot | Vanilla+
Discord: https://dsc.gg/pguk

Have fun and enjoy,
Pure Gaming Team​