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Hello all,
so i have a question related to Playerspawns. Im trying to create 3 Different Spawnzones (Cherno & Elektro & Novy) and i want to make it like this, if the server restart, it randomly picks one of those 3 spawnzones, and players only spawn there.
Anybody got an idea how i can do this?
Any help would be appreaciated


Simply goto your mpmissions/dayzOfflne.chernarusplus/cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml


mpmissions/DayZSurvival.chernarusplus/cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml If your running moddedscripts

Scroll down to <generator_posbubbles> then delete or comment out all of the existing spawn locations and add your own.

Like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

    <!-- generate params -->
    <!-- used when no file with generated points is found -->

        <pos x="6649.22" z="2710.03" /> <!-- Cherno Center -->
        <pos x="6374.08" z="2361.01" /> <!-- Cherno West -->
        <pos x="7331.70" z="2850.03" /> <!-- Cherno East -->
        <pos x="10077.17" z="1988.65" /> <!-- Electro West -->
        <pos x="10553.55" z="2313.37" /> <!-- Electro East -->
        <pos x="7085.73" z="7720.85" /> <!-- Novy -->
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Thanks, but im looking for some script that randomly picks one of those spawnzones every server restart (1st zone would be cherno, 2nd zone would be elektro, 3rd zone would be novy) but everbody can only spawn in 1 of those zones until the server restarts again