Question on Vehicle Spawn


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AWESOME SCRIPT. Thank you for all the hard work.

I've got some question on vehicle despawn.

To be clear why, I had a static spawn setup with an SUV. I ended up killing them and taking the SUV. After driving down the road with it, it went POOF! along with all my gear in it.

I found the part that checks for players to depspawn vehicles

if (({isPlayer _x} count (_x nearEntities [["CAManBase","AllVehicles"],75])) == 0) then {

I'm still getting started, but based upon what I see and what happened, does this search find a player in the vehicle?


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Doing some research and I think adding in a criteria of

count (crew _vehicle) == 0


if ((({isPlayer _x} count (_x nearEntities [["CAManBase","AllVehicles"],75])) == 0) and (count (crew _x) == 0) then {

should do it. Thoughts?


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i dont remember to well but i think you many have to check your cleanup.fsm file.. if i remember correctly i could be wrong..

but look into vehicles disappearing and im sure you'll find what your looking for.
if you need any help i can try ..


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I should have posted a while back. I got it to work. I decided to just get rid of the cleanup script for the vehicles on static spawns.