[RefinedRP(PC)]-[Any time zone (Must speak English)]-[Any skill level]-[Mass recruitment for faction]


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Anyone wanna join my communist uprising on RefinedRP our members keep coming and going but if we get some numbers we can have some real fun.

Strength in numbers just like real soviet Russia

Faction Bio:
Faction: The Red Militia

Motto: Peace, Bread, and Prosperity

Anthem: Катюша (Katyusha)

Identification: Double Red Armband

Faction Overview:
The Red Militia is a communist party founded by former KGB operative Delta “Diamondback” Ostkrieg. This faction focuses on unity and inclusiveness, there is no leader in The Red Militia but instead it is run by a council that is appointed by members and all of their decisions go through the people before being finalised. In The Red Militia everyone is respected and included regardless of allegiance.This is a faction for all of the communists, socialists, syndicalists, loners, and outcasts as well as those who feel oppressed. The Red Militia cares about its residents; everyone is a comrade in The Red Militia and is cared for.

Faction Goals:
Make many alliances with the smaller factions of Chenarus. Defend these settlements against attacks and neutralize hostile groups. Give a place of refuge for all. Protect the working class.

(Btw I know the character name is cringe but it’s too late to change it )

[Red Militia faction server](https://discord.gg/3QyxKnpZ)

[RefinedRP discord](https://discord.gg/refinedrp)