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    For all who waited patiently, and all who asked for a lot of additional features:

    Release 1.5.0 is going on my github later this eve.

    I will not write a major tutorial, as always the code and the config files are pretty well documented.


    a) You will need to install the full UPSMON package and my SARGE folder.
    b) make a BACKUP of your current files, especially the config files
    c) the parameters for some calls in your map_cfg file has changed. Look at the one for chernarus for details.
    d) in the default package i have included a "warzone" close to Skaly to demonstrate what the AI can do. COMMENT THIS OUT after you have observed / checked it (godmode recommended if you go there ...)
    e) i will be off the next 5 days, so have patience with support requests


    This is NOT for people who are new to modding / scripts. You NEED some knowledge to understand how this works.


    I will not respond to support request that do not follow my support template (search it, and read it on these forums)

    Sarge, over and out :)


    - Sidechat kill messages
    - respawn time can be set for every single static group
    - weapon/item loadout for every single type of AI and faction
    - experience system for AI ...
    - completely reworked the waypoint logic
    - added a ton of debug features, some optical - try the debug levels out.
    - land vehicle patrols that may contain any amount of vehicles -> convoys
    - "not in combat" patrol event added.

    - helis hovering / not moving
    - helis attacking players optimized
    - failing respawns on long running servers
    - optimized vehicle issue fix
    - reworked damage eventhandlers
    - moved player and zed trace functions to server
    - rewrote tons of stuff in UPSMON / fixed tons of inherited bugs in there

    *known issues
    - AI drivers don't get out of vehicles when in combat
    - expect bugs .-)

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