[Release] DayZ Epoch Origins

******* UPDATED: 07/30/2014 ********

At any rate, I'm probably going to be dumping my nightly server builds here so keep an eye open. :)

I will however not be posting updates for the sake of making it easy to update. You'll have to discern that for yourself. I will just be doing file dumps. I don't think there will be any more database edits though (Don't quote me on it).


*** A special thanks to Chris @ Infistar antihacks. Without his help, this project would be at a standstill. ***

Plans for next release (Plans can always change, remember that):
- Missions placement changes.

Note: This is for epoch only. I only support the most recent version of epoch. This also supports the latest steam patch: 125548

v 2.6 - Just fixes related to the new steam patch. (Thanks Andrew, big time.)
[Fix] Converted scripts to new steam patch 125548.
[Fix] Bug with one of the crates spawning empty.
[Fix] Converted stronghold to new steam ID system.
[Fix] Converted houses to new steam ID system.
[Fix] Fixed an error with mission.sqm

Known bugs:
- Origins Buildings
- Can't cancel house construction once construction begins.
- You must lock the house you unlocked before using another house.
- You have to wait until server restart to access the stronghold.

v 2.5
[Removed] A lot of Static AI from sector B.
[Fixed] AI will not run off the wall and kill themselves, at sector B anymore.
[Fixed] Error with variables, having to do with house building.
[Removed] Erroneous file placed in MPMissions.
[Added] heli patrols to sector B (WAI).
[Added] WAI and EMS missions systems. If you want to remove them, comment them out in server_monitor.sqf above allowConnections = true; (Patrols in Sector B require WAI).
[Removed] Several spawn locations. If you want more spawn locations, use the old version of the spawn script.
[Fixed] Removed the option to select spawn when logged out on Sector B, Just moves the player to a select location. (Thanks MGT).
[Fixed] WAI undeclared variable errors.
[Fixed] Building a small garage is required before you can build a large garage.
[Fixed] Fixed duplicate level 2 hero house at Carls buildables.
[Fixed] Readme. secb.sql is no longer included or needed.

AI and Sector B AI: Removed the static AI from Sector B so that the AI were dynamic, there won't be any set runs to get used to, to get to loot. It will be different, every time (Hopefully).

[Added] heli patrols to every large land mass (WAI).
[Added] vehicle patrols to Sector B (WAI).
[Added] dynamic guard patrols to Sector B (WAI).
[Added] Static AI gunners to Sector B.
[Added] 5 crates - 2 static, 3 random to sector B, all with randomized loot (Thanks Andrew. Server IP:

Known bugs:
- Origins Buildings
- Can't cancel house construction once construction begins.
- You must lock the house you unlocked before using another house.
- You have to wait until server restart to access the stronghold.

v 2.0 - Really excited about this build! :D It was such a big update, it deserved it's own version!(07/08/2014):

[Added] The building of level 1, 2 3 houses, garages and strongholds. They have to be set down via a right click script unfortunately. Currently does not require a plot pole to build houses but does for stronghold. (Only openable by the people who set down the houses. House bulding isn't in stages (yet). It's a one time build.) (Thanks BanditParty, Server IP:
[Added] Humanity and build checks for level 1, 2 and 3 houses.
[Added] Strongholds with code on put down. (Thanks Andrew_S90, Server IP:
[Fixed] Incorrect sector B variable, which would cause errors in the RPT.
[Fixed] Fixed error in database from vanilla epoch.
[Removed] Removed DZAI patrols, they would get stuck on the bridge. Going to add patrols via missions next, won't take nearly as long as buildings.(More configurable).
[Fix] Fixed a couple of bugs I can't remember what exactly. :p
[Added] Added building trader on large NW island. (Sells gems for origins buildings - Tradier ID: [Hero Buildings: 900][Bandit Buildings: 901][Garages: 902][Stronghold: 903]).
[Added] Added examples of every building and what they look like at the trader.
[Removed] Removed gems from mining nodes, using them to deploy buildings via Maccas right click script. You can put them back just by removing removes.sqf in the compiles.
[Fix] Some grammatical errors.
[Fix] Increased the range of the anti logout of Sector B.
[Removed] Removed some unused trader areas.
[Fix] Increased the range of plot poles by (It's now 70,85 vs 30,45, DZE_PlotPole = [70,85]; - variables.sqf) meters to cover the area of strongholds.
[Removed] Removed secb.sql, going into a script direction and not a direct database edit (For security purposes and for people who can't directly edit their database).
[Fix] Increased vehicle spawns to compensate for larger servers. All vehicle spawns increased by 1 in dynamicvehicles.sqf.
[Fix] Removed object database from sql to allow the server to populate the objects.
[Added] Added new trader to database.

- Known Bugs:
- Origins Buildings:
- You must lock the house you unlocked before using another house.
- You have to wait until restart to access the stronghold.

v 1.3 (06/27/2014)
[Added] Dayz Epoch is now required and fully compatible.
[Added] Updated loot tables for
[Added] Updated dayz_server.pbo
[Added] Loaded up more Origins packages for future development.

v 1.2
[Added] Anti logout on Sector B.
[Added] Forced spawn selection if logging in on Sector B.
[Added] Flying fortress.
[Added] Forced to lobby on death after 10 seconds. No need to press abort anymore.
[Added] Spawn selection.
[Fix] Fixed a bug or two, can't remember exactly what.

v 1.1
- [Added] Disabled the ability to set down buildables at sector B and the 3 corner refill stations on the map.
- [Fix] Cleaned up the scripts and fixed some bugs.
- [Fix] Fixed an issue which didn't allow the server to start up (Sorry guys).
- [Added] Added god mode in safe zone traders.
- [Added] Removed zed spawns on sector B.
- [Added] Added speed limit in trader zones.

v 1.0
- Added AI to sector B on startup (Thanks MGT).
- Added refreshing vehicles to sector B (nothing in urals yet).
- Added Origins vehicles to traders and map.
- Added Heli patrols to map using DZAI.
- Added spawn selection on first spawn and death (Thanks MGT).
- Updated missions.sqm to include origins.

Special thanks to the servers that helped me test or code:

ZDT: (USA - Epoch Origins)
GMA: (USA - Epoch Origins Overwatch)


2.) Replace your epoch database completely with the origins.sql

3.) Download and follow the readme (Please read the readme) in the zip file: https://mega.co.nz/#!Vpd1xRTR!QolWFx3FuRvxEXexdTmxWpu6OwaDv60g_EqU_mJfdFA

4.) To connect to your server, use the arguments: -mod=@DayzOrigins

Follow the directions in the zip file.

For support for this addon: http://opendayz.net/threads/support-dayz-epoch-origins.20325/#post-105335
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Updated to 2.0

Sorry for the long absence, it was a long couple of weeks. I don't have a server other than my own machine to test my edits. It can be a pain sometimes and makes things lengthy. :p
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if you are still in need for a working bikey to use with the origins server files...

freshly extracted 2 minutes ago from the origins files by me

have fun :cool:
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