[Release] Novy Lug Medical Hold


This is one I use on my NON PVP DayZ Chernarus server, Loot spawns where it is supposed to and can be a nice haul if you make it in and out alive.

Please feel free to leave any suggestion or tips, I have tons of the custom maps/bases thought I would try to start sharing if people want them.

To view the full set at the regular size Click Here!

To Get The Code you can Click Here!

#1 Add A New Folder Named newbases in your dayz_mission folder
#2 Call the file in your init.sqf in your dayz_missions.pbo
#3 Place The Line Below In Your init.sqf At The Bottom

[] ExecVM "newbases\novylugmedcheck.sqf";      // Novy Lug Medical Checkpoint


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Any chance to get mission.biedi and mission.sqf in order to load the base in Editor and setup markers for DZAI?


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I will see if I still have them, if so then yes I will give them to you.
That would be great. Yesterday i started to set up some DZAI markers in your base but it's not easy when you look just at map and try to find right spot in the base :D