Removing ammoboxes from the map.


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Is there any way to remove added ammoboxes from the map? I spent the better part of a day searching through all the scripts I have running on my Celle test server only to realise they were added to the map in various locations? Searchlights and mounted M2 guns I can deal with, ammoboxes with 30 or so various weapons and ammo is a different story however .........
if you want to remove something.... anything ... besides removing the code that creates it ... run this script at the bottom of your init.sqf
_deleteList = nearestObjects [[7500,7500], ["classname","classename], 7500];
deletevehicle _x;
} foreach _deleteList;
you will of course replace classnames and the center position and search radius to suit your needs
if you want to remove a static map object, such as a building you dont like, replace deletevehicle _x with hideobject _x

deletevehicle would run on server most likely, while hideobject MUST be run on each client so it cant be in a !isserver block in the init.sqf