[Request] Looking for Item/Weapon/Vehicle Graphics/Icons


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I am looking for the gear icons for all items, backpacks, weapons, and also vehicle graphics (the white-greyish graphics you can see in the trader menus for example) to use them on my servers website.
Our server staff is currently working on a complete online trader list which shows buy/sell prices and that has also a picture of the item as a little icon. This is why I'd like to get these icons.

I've already tried to extract the icon graphics from the .pbo files using cpbo, pboView and texView2 but unfortunately some files are not accessible, either texView cant open (some) .paa files OR I cant open/extract the pbo at all ... which happens for all of the ArmA2OA .pbos, tried different pbo extractors already, no luck yet.

This is also a huge amount of work to photoshop 1000+ weapon/item/vehicle icons into a usable webformat. (.paa files for weapon Icons is 512x256 .tga format, need to make it into 64x32 .png with transparency).

So my question is: did someone already do this maybe? If so, mind sharing those graphics? Or help me to extract all of the files, I dont mind photoshopping all of the graphics into the right format, IF I could get all the graphic files I would need to have a complete weapon/item/vehicle icon collection.

Files I am interessted in:

All ArmA2 / ArmA2OA / ArmA2BAF / ArmA2PMC / DayZ Epoch / DayZ Overwatch Vehicle Graphics
All ArmA2 / ArmA2OA / ArmA2BAF / ArmA2PMC / DayZ Epoch / DayZ Overwatch Weapon Inventory Icons

All ArmA2 / ArmA2OA / ArmA2BAF / ArmA2PMC / DayZ Epoch / DayZ Overwatch Item Inventory Icons
All ArmA2 / ArmA2OA / ArmA2BAF / ArmA2PMC / DayZ Epoch / DayZ Overwatch Backpack Inventory Icons


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I think those are from the epoch server webtracking tool, it had a bunch of images like these. It's certainly a start thanks ;) If only the weapon icons werent so small o_o


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You can make an action to do all the work for you in photoshop. The fun part will be ripping apart all the pbos and extracting the images. The best bet would be to look into where the trader menu is reading the image filenames from. It may all be written within an sqf or cfg file. If it is you could run some regex on it and get the paths in no time. I'll look into my epoch files tonight and see what I can find out. I kinda rambled there for a second. Sorry about that.


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well I figured that out in PS already, I extracted most of the pictures too, but the problem are the arma2oa/baf/pmc weapons since all of those are in pbos that are encrypted.
I got all the normal Items like food/drink,medicals,toolbelt items (except the rangefinder),crafting materials, and some arma2 weapons so far.