Reserved Slots (kinda like whitelisting)


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Has anyone managed to get this to work in any form? I want to try and have the ability to allow people immediate access to the server even if it is full but not limit the server to a whitelist.
Yes, I've got this working.

Set up in the config.cfg of your Dayz Server (the one with MOTD) the maximum slots.
maxPlayers = 40;

Then in your BEC config\config.cfg file under the [Misc] section have:

SlotLimit = 30

This will force BEC to limit the server to 30 slots and anyone listed in your admins.xml file will be allowed in up to the maximum of 40 in total.

Make sure you're using the latest build of BEC...
No, but it won't allow all your slots to fill up so it kicks if a unlisted player tries to join if they are the 31st player in the previous example.

Just make sure you have enough slots leftover for all your listed players.


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I tried this with setting the server to max 45 players and slotlimit in bec to 40. Still it fills it up to 45. What am i missing here? :S