Restoring free for all functionality


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Hi guys,

I've just started using DZAI on my server and I am really excited about it. I did find references to a Free For All setting in some versions of DZAI which would make spawned AI groups hostile to one another, but this was removed in version 2.1. This is something that I would very much like to enable in the latest version available on GitHub. Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction to help me get started?

I'm thinking I'll take a look at an older version of DZAI and see if I can locate where those settings / scripts / functions exist and see if the can just be added to the latest version. If anyone more knowledgeable on the topic has any pointers please let me know.


Edit: ok, so this has to do with the side relations. I've found where side relations are defined; I've re-added the FFA true/false variable to the dzai config and also replaced the relations definition code with the block from a previous version of dzai that references the FFA variable. Will see if it works.
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I would like to know how to do this as well. I know it was removed because it caused problems with other AI addons, but im not using another ai addon...