Retrievable Clothing

So the impression I am under is that many ArmA2/ArmA2:OA skins can be assigned to a player in overwatch, however not all of them can be taken off of bodies. Is there any way of knowing which ones can be? As in, which ones create a "Package".
not easily. if you look at your files you will see the classnames of the packaged skins ... i forget what they were, dz_clothing1 etc or something similar.
what they did was take a few skins and change the sides to west and make them in a package. so you need the classnames of the package and the corresponding skin that is put onto the player.

get all the packages in a box, put one on and see what skin you are wearing. ,you could either look at the db, or write a script that puts your current skin into the hint

while { true} do{
hint typeof player;

not sure if that would work or not but thats the idea, show in hint what skin you have on and when you pit on a package it will tell you the new skin.
check the takeclothes script for how to correctly find player skin if this doesnt work
Well here was the issue I had. One of the admins of a server I play on had me in a test server with him. They have a command menu that will allow you to "morph player" into any skin you select from a list. I would say there was at least a few hundred options. The only issue is that not all can be taken off the body. How can I find out which ones are?
I just told you. Get a EPOCH crate with all the 'packages' of clothing in it. Execute the script I wrote above (or something like it that works) so it SHOWS you in the hint box which skin you are wearing.
Take clothing parcel 1 out of the crate and put it on, the hint will say fr_rodgriguez or some other skin. Now you know that parcel1=fr_rodriguez .. Repeat for the 30 or so clothing parcels.
And as I said, you could also look in the db and see what skin you are wearing.