Sahrani 0.2.2 Dev Bug list

Since I didn't find any thread, I made one.

DayZ Sahrani 0.2.2 Errors
On walking to some baracks:

Error in expression <ts select _index;
_canType = _itemTypes select _index;
_item addMagazineCargoGlo>
Error position: <select _index;
_item addMagazineCargoGlo>
Error Zero divisor
File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\spawn_loot.sqf, line 22

Only one found untill now.

Nonov Urbizniz

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Lol it's SECRET! and not very well sorted since I"m the one hosting the server and put out hte package lol.

Seven is the smart guy, I just threw up a basic server and build since I am doing some code changes/pushes now, so have a test server up.

Fixed a couple things, I"m testing some fixes now and will have a new build up prob. late tonight.