SBG SuicideBunnyGaming Overpoch Chernarus server - Many custom scripts/mods, no Lag!)

Hey Viewer!

SuicideBunnyGaming is a UK DayZ Overpoch server, we have many custom, original features that attract new players

and boost the experience of your gameplay!

What features does SuicideBunnyGaming have?

  • 300 Build limit, build to your heart's content!
  • PVP, slay those bandits!
  • Overpoch, the fun of Epoch but with that wider variety of weapons, animations, vehicles and more!
  • Chernarus, a popular DayZ map, great for large combat and fun experiences!
  • SelfBloodBag, no buddies to help you?; use this feature in our exclusive Action Menu to regenerate your blood in no time!
  • Anti-Hack, non of those horrible cheaters that ruin your gaming experience!
  • Custom Configured AI Missions, our very own configured AI missions, with lots of rare loot depending on the difficulty!
  • AutoRefuel, refuel your vehicles (ground AND air!) at those gas stations!
  • AutoRepair, repair your vehicles (ground AND air!) at those gas stations!
  • AutoRearm, rearm those crucial gunners on your vehicles (ground AND air!) at those gas stations!
  • Locked Vehicle Godmode, stop those horrible bandits from breaking your vehicles when you're not there!
  • Donation Rewards, not too overpowered, but bases and more as rewards to show our appreciation of donations!
  • Custom Debug Monitor, to show your player status and our links in the debug monitor, toggle with the 'END' key!
  • AS50s and other rare .50 cal rifles, VERY rare to find; but you can find them on SuicideBunnyGaming!
  • Thermal weapons, VERY rare to find; but findable on SuicideBunnyGaming!
  • Vehicle Towing, found a nice vehicle but need your current one? Tow it and keep both!
  • Helicopter Lifting, lift your vehicles in helicopters, to transfer them from base to base, or anywhere in your imagination!
  • Custom Starting Loadout, an original loadout for those freshspawns, designed to get you started!
  • Take Clothes, killed someone with sweet clothing? Our Take Clothes option will give you the ability to take that clothing off your prey!
  • AdminTools, so our admins can fix your problems FAST with our wide-variety of different handy tools!
  • Custom Action Menu, our exclusive action menu comes with many features, such as selfbloodbag, deploy vehicles, change view distance, flip vehicles and much more!
  • Deploy Bicycle, requires a toolbox (spawn with one) to get you to places a little bit quicker!
  • Deploy Mozzie, requires a toolbox (spawn with one), however you will need to search for an engine and a main rotor to make this!
  • Deploy Motorcycle, requires a toolbox (spawn with one), however you will need an engine to make this!
  • Change View Distance, a hot feature of our exclusive Action Menu, enabling those snipers to get a clean shot!
  • Change Colour Filters, an awesome feature of our exclusive Action Menu, enabling you to use different colour filters to boost the fun!
  • Active Admins, to help you all out when you need it the most!
  • TeamSpeak3 Support, no admins on? Chances are they're on our TeamSpeak server, hop on there at this IP:
  • Updates are made daily, so much more to come overtime for all the community and other players!
  • Snap Building, to make accurate buildings, enabling you to build to your imagination wants!
  • 1 Step Building, build fast, as getting the materials to do so wasn't enough work already? You can now build with less of a hassle!

We now have 40 player slots, and this will increase whenever it hits the limit!

Install the mods you need - OVERWATCH AND EPOCH - and Search for "SuicideBunnyGaming"

If you are looking for a great server then you have found it!
We want this to be a server that's ran by it's community!

Events will be setup for everyone to participate in when the server grows!

Hackers Will Be Banned Immediately, the database also gets backed up ALL THE TIME!

As you can see there is a lot to do and keep you entertained on the server!; let us know your suggestions to make it EVEN BETTER!
Please consider giving us a try and let us know what you think!

Be sure to visit our website, to follow all our rules, learn about us and even donate!
We can't wait to see you all there!

Thanks for reading!