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(Since im not too sure, where to put this, im just gonna leave it here)
Hello lads,
im currently working on a little Tool, that is currently a work in progress
So What does it do?
It acts as a complete replacement for the bat files, which are currently needed for starting the dayz server
if the server runs into a crash, the server will be automatically restarted.
Restarts can be set every x hours. (For now 1 to 6)
initial restart is a current WIP(will probally work by tonight)
Long time memory usage should be around 20mb currrently
Programm is .net based and written in c#
Source Code is fully available for your own usage and editing. (i am a rookie when it comes to c# so please be gentle with me ;) )
For now it does what its supposed to do

Whats planned:
Acting as a replacement for BEC, being updated and maintained, every once in a while
sending email notifications if the server crashes, so you know the exact time and date for error processing
Supporting multiple BI Games(Including A3 and A2) (WIP mostly bc of the server mods in A3)
Log Rotator// done
Code Cleanup(at Ver. 1.0)
Source Code
Release (currently 0.6.5)
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Edit 1 17.12.2018:
whats new:
-The restarts have been reworked, for better internal structure. For now the maximum amount of restarts is 10. if more needed, that can be changed.
-settings have been reworked, for better performance and internal structure.
-the option for mods has been enabled and should work, allthough i currently only have DayZ SA tested without them
-in comparison to the earlier version no bat files are needed anymore and all the saved settings automatically reload into the settings windows, if the programm is restarted.
Thats it for now, have a nice evening :)
Edit 2 same "day":
-reworked internal structure even more
-Reworked the ui to be more understandable.
-finally you can select folders and don't need to enter the path manually anymore
-A few Misc Bugfixes
pretty sure im done for today. good night :)
*tips fedora*
Edit 3 20.12.2018:

Fixed a bug, breaking the restarts.
Removed code thats no longer needed
Log-Rotator in the Works

Edit 4 21.12.2018:
Log Rotator has been added.
Some bugs have been fixed(nothing gamebreaking)
release v.0.6.5
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