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Is there an up-to-date thread or preferably a video that shows how to set up a standard Dayz server using recent files? Might sound strange, but I can set up a standard Dayz Epoch server, on any map including old one like Celle and Oring, with my eyes pretty much closed. But for the life of me, I can't seem to set up a standard DayZ server?
Is there an up-to-date thread or preferably a video that shows how to set up a standard Dayz server using recent files? Might sound strange, but I can set up a standard Dayz Epoch server, on any map including old one like Celle and Oring, with my eyes pretty much closed. But for the life of me, I can't seem to set up a standard DayZ server?
IF we ever see the DayZMod Forum again... I can direct you to the DayZMod Vanilla files and then I'd be happy to walk you thru the nuances of getting it to work.
latest files are always available here

  1. use steamcmd to install arma2 and arma2oa into single folder using force_install_dir. or,copy paste them into same folder
  2. download the client (@dayz) and the server (@hive and mpmission)
  3. download the private server files and,place these onto the arma2 folder. do NOT copy the hive or mission as,this is older version than the dayz files above.
  4. start your working server. this includes a mysql server. you will have to connect to the server via mysqlworkbench and drop the old tables, exec the sql,files included in the dayz to create the new tables.
so, make SURE you are using the mpmission, @hive, All dlls, sql database schema from the current dayz downloads. i would edit the start.bat to remove the expansion from -mod as we are not using beta anymore

i made this video a few years ago
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Updating base class BAF_AS50_TWS->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/PMC_AS50_TWS/
Updating base class m8_base->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/m8_carbine_pmc/
Updating base class m8_compact->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/m8_compact_pmc/
Updating base class m8_base->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/m8_holo_sd/
Updating base class m8_base->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/m8_tws_sd/
Updating base class m8_base->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/m8_tws/
Updating base class GSh23L->FakeWeapon, by dayz_anim\config.cpp/CfgWeapons/GSh23L_L39/
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Gets to there and just freezes. For some reason also, it's not starting up its SQL database either.
in the statup bat file, comment out the lines that says starting mysql and the one that runs the spawn function. The only line you need is this (edited to your specs of course)
start .\arma2oaserver.exe -mod=@dayzoverwatch;@dayz_epoch;@dayz_epoch_server -name=infected -config=config\overpoch\overpoch.cfg -cfg=config\overpoch\basic.cfg -profiles=config\overpoch

And then you need to edit your hive.ini file to use whatever database you want. Now if you are running a linux server then you have the mysql server, but if you are not .. this mysql server thats included, is the ACTUAL mysql server, its not like some cheap knockoff. Its now an older version though and you can download the current one from Oracle and update it. You can just have it run 24/7 if you wanted . You are probably using that xampp crap that then installs the apache2 server with phpmyadmin. I find this mysql server with mysqlworkbench to work perfect on my testing servers.


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And as far as adding Unleashed, Overwatch, Epidemic, etc and running a true DayZ "mod" server I can't because they only run on the 1.7.*.* files, is that correct?
.... You want to run an Overwatch or Epidemic server with what I showed you ... is that the question?
The private server pack just inserts the 'framework' of a server into your arma installation (including version 5.5 mysql database, version 5.7 available here). It includes the cfgdayz folder which contains your server.cfg. It has startup batch files already configured.

Here is a screenshot of my private server folders, as you can see, I have more than dayz.
So what I do to add a new mod into my private server is copy the mod files (@dayz, @dayz_overwatch, @dayz_epoch etc) and the server files (@hive, @dayz_overwatch_server, @dayz_epoch_server etc ). So now you have all the mods installed. The key is how to start them with their own config files in the cfgdayz folder. What I do is create a folder named 'config'. Now MOVE cfgdayz folder into the config folder. Now copy that cfgdayz folder several times so you have 3 or 4 copies of it inside the config folder. Each cfgdayz folder needs to be RENAMED for the mod you want. dayz, overwatch, overpoch, epoch, epidemic ... whatever. they will all be identical.

Now the BASIC.CFG you never touch, thats the same for all mods. The server.cfg (or dayz.cfg whatever its called) I rename that the same as the mod so I can keep them straight. Since they are in their own mod folders it doesnt really matter, they could all be server.cfg but ... lets name them for the mod as I did.
Edit each cfg file to point to the correct mission. Each mod has its own default mission that should be in the mpmissions folder. Here is my overpoch.cfg file and here is my dayz.cfg file, you will see they really only differ in the last part which is the mission they load.
Now this is where the magic happens: We have to start the server with the correct cfg file and the correct mods. That means a batch file that starts the mysql server, if using the included one, waits a few seconds for it to be initialized and then it starts the arma2oaserver with the correct parameters.
Here is the line you need to edit, this one loads my overpoch server. And we will go over all the startup parameters
start .\arma2oaserver.exe -mod=@dayzoverwatch;@dayz_epoch;@dayz_epoch_server -name=infected -config=config\overpoch\overpoch.cfg -cfg=config\overpoch\basic.cfg -profiles=config\overpoch
  • -mod = Load your mods folders separated by semicolon.
  • -name = player name. This will be the 'profiles' to set server difficulty and will be stored in users folder that is INSIDE of the -profiles location. This isnt 'required' for the server to start.
  • -config = load our servers config file. We have a folder for each 'mod' and use the path to it.
  • -cfg = this is the basic.cfg, should be in the same folder as your server.cfg
  • -profiles= as mentioned above, this is where the users folder will be created, with a playername folder that contains the difficulty settings. This is also the location of your armas0aserver.rpt file, so each mod can have separate files.
Here is my @start_overpoch.bat file. NOTICE something at the top that I do because I will run separate mods. The DLL files for one mod, might not work with another mod. Usually they are included with the mods server files. So what I do is copy those dll files into the server files folder.
@dayz_epoch_server folder
and here is my dayz server folder
@hive folder
You will notice that all those files are different sizes. So they are NOT the same versions and generally will cause your database to not connect or the server to crash if you use the wrong ones.
So as I said, I put the DLL files into the mods server folder as shown and at the very top of my startup batch file, I copy those files into the servers root folder. One simple line,
copy .\@dayz_epoch_server\*.dll .\

Here is my config folder, mpmissions folder and startup bat files for you to peruse. My server is kind of a mess as I drop files in here and there and add/delete mods all the time when I look at someones files, so there might be some errors in there but you will get the general idea.
And its a testing server so speed is not required ... it all runs on a 64gb flash drive. I have all the mods saved, all potential files I want to have someday .. and it has the included 5.7 mysql server ... one self contained, all inclusive dayz server to go.