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SEVERANCE US1|3PP|PVP/PVE|100K|Helicopter|Missions+|Drugs+|Chernarus|CustomAreas|WeekendRaid|Leaderboard|SpawnSelect|Trader|Airdrop|Guns+|Cloth+|Autorun|ATM and more.ip:

Come taste the apocalyptic-themed adventure of survival and fear the wrath of the undead. Create communication with other survivors or try to fight them for their earnings. We have many new areas on the map that you won't see on other maps. Grow food and drugs and sell them for money. Hunt some animals and sell their skins! Missions difficulty is average so be prepare for any encounters and Airdrop are here to help you on your journey, but watch out for zombies and survivors in the area.

SEVERANCE is a PVE/PVP oriented server with survival kept in game ( Basic food in safezone ) with 4 major custom areas. Military Zombie are stronger in Missions and Military zone.

On this picture u can see the Chernarus map that we all know but you will notice all those red circles. Those circles are there to represent danger zones: you can kill players in those zones without becoming a murderer. Killing someone outside of those zones is allowed but you become a murderer and people can see you on the map. This is to prevent KOS everywhere on the map while still allowing players to kill if they consider it worth it. Combined with weekend raiding, we want to facilitate new players establishing themselves while maintaining a fair PVP/RAIDING ground for everyone.

Cid Castle Incredible PVP actions zone, No loot for now, No Radiation.

Array 65 Incredible Landscape and PVP actions Lootable Zone No Radiation

Launch Site
Custom Skalisty Island, Lootable Zone, Radiation Zone.

Last Resort : Super Tisy Incredible Landscape and PVP actions Lootable Zone No Radiation.
Lore : As the island was struck by the dead, the last survivors decided to build their last resort. A giant fort has been built after 2 months of consecutive work where everyone can live peacefully... Until the end of peace.

You can find all the mods we use, on Make sure to join the Discord and read the rules.

•Question : What is the restart schedule? Every 4hours server refresh.
•Question : How's the server working? Dedicated Server hosting 60 Players slot usingCFomega.
•Question : Is the server will run other server? Yes of course! when a server become loaded we areheading to add a other one.
•Question : What is the loot table time? 1x Cloth. 1x Tool. 1x Food. 1x Ammo. 2x Guns. •Question :Where is the trader on the server? Green mountain, Sokol Camp, Black Market, Pelt & Drug.
•Question : Do this server have players EVENTS? Yes we are trying to create 1 EVENT a day.
•Question : What did i get, if i refer a player? For each referring friend you get 50K {For you} and25K {For your friend}