Some very BASIC things of DayZ


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Hello if your looking at this post you are probably wondering on how to play so ill list here some VERY BASIC things to the game

WASD Keys to move around (w go forward,a go left,s go backwards,d go right)
the wasd keys also go the same with the car movement

(G) to open up ur inventory and to use items you usually have to right click on them
and then there will be a text next to them and just click it (this works with alot of stuff in ur inventory)
backpack - while having ur inventory find the picture of a bag looking thing at the top of ur inventory menu and then double click it to open it

Shooting guns:
R to reload
scroll wheel to switch between pistol and main gun (or press 1 or 2)
going prone or kneeling helps with ur aim
SD will not attract as much zombies as regular guns

icons in the corner of ur screen:
The blood one resembles ur health... to get it back up eat food or get a blood transfusion
Temperature one = temp
the food plate means ur food (you will die if it goes empty)
glass of milk = ur thirst (you will die if its also empty)

Zombie tips:?
Zombies mostly spawn by buildings so bigger cities have more zombies... so a tip is to stay away from big cities and to also go prone when looting it wont attract as many zombies as running would

What types of servers are there?
There are many mods for DayZ so its basically what your taste is... if you like custom servers look for servers that say like (Custom Addons) or if you like vanilla servers look for ones with not alot of custom things listed in there name // I recommend custom servers cause usually they have a anti-hack and helps prevent hackers...

What is "humanity"?:
Humanity is like a system of good guy/bad guy... the lower humanity means you kill people and the higher means you help people.. the only awards for them now are different skins like the Hero skin and the bandit skin...other than that there is not really much of rewards from it but i do know some servers are using a humanity system now for rewards

I cant walk or im coughing?:
If you cant walk that means ur leg is broken and u will see a broken bone icon above ur temp icon to fix this you need morhpine a medical item found in med zones... if your coughing it means your sick and you need anti-biotic's found also in med area's but the biotic is a harder find then morphine

What are some good ingame steps to follow?
Step 1: find food
Step 2: find out where you are
Step 3: make ur way to a military area
Step 4: find a defensive weapon
Step 5: get a vehicle
Step 6: try to find a team mate

How to pick up items?
Scroll wheel over them item and find "pick up bla bla" or press G while you see a gun icon while looking at the loot and then find the name of the loot and click the arrow pointing to your inventory

These are just some very basic things in the dayz world im sure i didnt cover everything so if you have a qeustion just pm or hop on my server and ask a admin...